Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments.

Youth Empowerment Department

  • To establish programmes and projects that would promote economic, social and cultural empowerment of the youth towards self reliance.
  • Organizing various Youth Award Schemes that encourage personal discovery and growth, self reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their communities.
  • To encourage young people to develop sense of adventure, improve personal potentials, skills and interest.
  • Organizing sports and cultural competitions among the youth towards identifying and developing their talents.

Youth Mobilization and Voluntary Organization Department

  • Registration and co-ordination of all Voluntary Youth Organisation in the State Youth Consultative Committee.
  • Policy formulation for all Youth Organisations in the State to perform effectively and efficiently in their various programmes.
  • Monitoring of all activities of all Youth Organisations in the State.
  • Employment and effective use of talent in development of the state including capacity building of Youths in conjunction with all Youth Organisations in the State.
  • Organisation/co-ordination of activities of Youths in the State in conjunction with Government and Non-Government Organisations.
  • Mobilization and sensitization of Youth into positive part-time and recreational activities.
  • Organization and co-ordination of all educational programmes meant for youth organization in the State.

Youth Guidance and Counseling Department

  • Organization and co-ordination of all educational programmes meant for youth organization in the State.
  • Rendering guidance and counselling programmes concerning young person in the State.
  • Disseminating information, news, ideas, view and policy of government affecting youths. All other literatures concerning youth organizations and activities within and outside the country are to be published by this department.
  • Co-ordination of information flow between the various Youth Organisations.
  • Organisation of school debates, symposia, quiz competitions and question time programmes in conjunction with Ministry of Education.

Citizenship and Leadership Department

  • Organisation of Citizenship and Leadership training programmes for all categories of Youth.
  • Organisations of Youth camping activities in the State.
  • Organisations of Holiday and Work-camp programme.
  • Organisations of orientation programme for graduating apprentices in all fields from time to time on ways of contributing meaningfully to the economy of the State.
  • To ensure that all leadership training programmes are geared towards social, economic and political attainment.
  • Organisation of intensive short-time youth Leadership Courses where emphasis is placed on traits development.

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Taking charge of the general administration of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Advising on general administration matters in the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Responsible for assisting in the formation of policies and their execution
  • Ensuring the maintenance of discipline and cohesion in the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Advising on all procurement activities of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Maintaining the stores and government inventories;
  • Ensuring compliance with Due Process and the provision of the Procurement Act in all contracts and procurements in Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Supervising the purchases and supplies section of the Ministry/Department/Agency to ensure due process;
  • Responsible for general maintenance of Ministry/Department/Agency Buildings and Transport;
  • Interpreting extant rules- General Order, Financial Regulations and Civil Service Commission Regulations and Establishment Circulars;
  • Coordinating Training Programmes of Staff of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Servicing as member of Department or Ministerial Tenders Boards and advising on the Due Process implications of Contract terms;
  • Performing any other function as may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Secretary/Accounting Officer of the Ministry/Department/Agency.

Finance and Accounts Department

  • Taking charge of the accounting duties in the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Responsible for the development and installation of efficient accounting system of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Advising in the disbursement of funds of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Taking charge of the Directorate of Accounts;
  • Advising the Chief Executive, the Accounting Officer and other departmental Heads on Accounting matters;
  • Establishing the Accounting System with appropriate in-built control as approved by the office of the Accountant-General and the Financial Regulations;
  • Managing all funds and public money due and receivable in the Ministry/Department/Agency; to ensure improved, efficient and effective collection of all Government revenue;
  • Directing replies to and advising the Accounting Officer on Audit and Public Accounting Committee queries;
  • The Director as a first signatory to all cheques/monetary instruments;
  • Serving as member of Departmental or Ministerial Tenders Boards and advising on financial implications of contracts terms
  • Preparing periodic/Annual Financial Reports of the Ministry/Department/Agency and ensuring timely submission of monthly financial statement to the Accountant-General of Oyo State through the Accounting Officer of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Collating the financial returns form MDA when deployed in the Treasury;
  • Appraising Government investment in Commercial/Industrial Enterprises;
  • Compilation of cash flow for costs and projections;
  • Advising on the control and management of funds, investments, loans and guarantee of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Performing any other function as may be assigned by the Chief Executive/Accounting Officer of the Ministry/Department/Agency.

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

  • Collation and Production of Plan of Action of the Agency;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan Implementation;
  • Prepare and Collate Advance Proposals on Revenue, Overhead Estimates and Capital Expenditure for the Agency with the Finance and Accounts and Administration and Supply Departments;
  • Collation and updates of Staff Nominal Roll for the Agency;
  • Collation and Production of Report of Activities (Monthly, Annual and Situation Reports of the Agency);
  • Overseeing the Management Information System for the Agency;
  • Manage Information for the ministerial press briefing;
  • Constant collection and processing of Data and Statistics relating to the Agency and Plan, Design and Monitor the executing Capital Project of the Agency;
  • Secretariat of the Tenders Board and also Draft and Design Contract Agreement; and
  • Projection of all viable sources of revenue for the Agency.

Labour Intensive Public Work Unit

  • Select eligible beneficiaries (unemployed Youths and Women) from the Social Single Register (SSR) based on agreed criteria;
  • Undertake enrolment of eligible beneficiaries in Labour Intensive Public Works and deploy beneficiaries to social services and infrastructure work;
  • Payment of Stipends to enrolled beneficiaries through a Payment Service Provider;
  • Prepare Annual Work plans and budget as input to the State Government Annual budget and plans;
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of LIPW;
  • Coordinate LIPW related M&E work; and
  • Prepare regular reports (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually) for State Cares Coordinating Unit (SCCU)